Private Sessions

from my years of devotion to the path of spiritual development and inner freedom, I now wish to share the teachings and tools with other souls who feel the call. if you are just a beginner or already an experienced practitioner of meditation,
I offer guidance and assistance for anyone on their spiritual inner path.

I have mastered the techniques and meditations from spiritual traditions and mystery schools. The inner transformation and awakening these exercises bring is something I wish for everyone to experience.
I wish to be in complete guidance and service with the person in front of me.

In the private sessions I offer the following:

  • introduction with meditation (for beginners)
  • spiritual meditations & exercises in any area of life
    • Finding your life-purpose
    • How to manifest your dreams
      • affirmations & visualisations
    • Attracting harmonic relationships
    • Releasing and healing disharmonic patterns or blockages: 
      • anxiety, thought patterns, obsessions, child patterns & ego patterns
    • Strengthening your self-esteem, confidence & self-love
    • Gaining your vitality and increasing your energy levels

We begin the session by tuning into your being and your preferences. I will guide the session with the elements that are most needed for you at that moment. In these sessions, I use my intuition, psychics abilities, earthly – and spiritual knowledge to feel and guide. 

It can happen that suppressed emotion, old trauma’s, experiences from the past rise to the surface during these sessions. That is why I can only help and guide the people who are mature enough to carry their own emotions and responsibility. But is good to know that to experience transformation and awakening it is needed to give these unconscious parts of ourselves as much attention and love as our harmonic conscious parts. Both are equally loved and important to give attention in our lives.


skype call (30 min) = 35 euros

one to one

trail class = 15 euros
1 hour  = 45 euros 
1.5 hour = 60 euros