Origin and History of the Golden Ankh

The beginning of the White Brotherhood and the order of the Golden Ankh is a long history.
It roots from civilizations in ancient Egypt, in the time of Atlantis and in other civilizations before Atlantis. In this period of time humanity was much more connected with nature and the spirit world. It was pretty common to humanity that there were people who were in contact with the spirit world and also received information from them. Already in the times of Mu (also known as Lemuria) – more than 200,000 – 300,000 years ago – it was normal to be clairvoyant, to be able to perceive things at the spiritual level.

In that time when tribes and beginnings of societies arise, it was common that every tribe had one shaman or healer in their midst.  Someone who heals, that predicts the future, gives advice, helps to resolve conflicts etc. These people basically had a specific function in their a tribe. They were the shamans the kind of supervisors for the tribe and for their community.

Only because of this, there was a kind of elite created, a group of people who were more sensitive than other people. They were therefore shielded from the community and given their own status. These were the wiser people who were somewhat more open to the spiritual world and also developed mediumistic qualities with the use of plant medicines (like ayahuasca and mushrooms) to be able to open those forces and qualities in themselves. Because of the extra security and exclusivity that they received from the community, a kind of priestly class was created. These people were actually the first white priests, as we may call it as such. 

These people were the basis for the Mystery Schools. These people who were given opportunities to develop spiritually and in this way they had the chance to develop their own psychic gifts. Gifts like leaving their physical body and to travel to other worlds, they developed gifts to Oracle, they could see in the future, they knew how timelines ran.

Those were the people who formed the basis of the white brotherhood.
Atlantis has lasted from 120,000 to about 30,000 BC. So for 80,000 – 90,000 years, these city-states have been present all this time. So in all that time, this specific class could develop further and further. From this, you could say that a group of entities/people arise that has taken on the development of all mankind, that is what we call the white brotherhood – the secret empire of the white priests. These secret priests were actually the trained people who were given the task within the Brotherhood to develop people, to awaken people and to enlighten them. And from this group also the Golden Ankh originated.

In summary, in the development of mysticism, mystical spiritual consciousness, in the last few thousand years, development has progressed more and more in the training of small groups of people who can become more spiritually conscious.


Because of the fact that the white priests opened themselves to the spiritual worlds, they needed to disconnect more and more from society. So they moved into areas around the cities, in nature and the mountains. From here they helped humanity with initiations, advice, healings and with the use of mediumistic messages.

Unfortunately, it happened, like in any society and especially for Atlantis, that humanity living in the cities more and more leaned towards property and power. From the original group of White priests, other priests rose. They were called black or red priests at that time, they went to cities and dissociated from their spiritual life and their teachers. They lived in the cities and gave advice to people on material issues. Therefore a split occurs between the white and the black priests. So a split between say the sages, who have spiritual forces and insights, and those who enrich themselves and let themselves be pampered with presents, money and such.

Atlantis was destroyed after two terrible devastations, but the colonies remained. After these devastations, the colonies of white priests traveled to different areas in the world.

The white priests already knew about the destruction of Atlantis, so the first big group of white priests left. This was the first migration from Atlantis. Most white priests left to America and settled there. And then the first great cosmic disaster took place in humanity, and a very large portion of the former Atlantis disappeared or drowned. Like being predicted by the white priests. They have a higher overview and they knew this was inevitable. During the first wide dissemination, the white priests spread over America.

Then came a period, after the first migration and the first demise of a large part of the former Atlantis, of rebuilding. So again the same story, including a number of white priests coming back again to guide the people in the cities. Again cities arise, which once again pursue power and in fact, the people were only looking for ego confirmation and such. And again we see the same thing happening. The remaining group of white priests left into the direction, North Africa. This was the second migration from Atlantis. Because different groups of white priests moved and spread around the world they were not physically together anymore, so it was no longer possible to use telepathic channels and physical channels to maintain contact.

Origin of the White Brotherhood

Therefore there was the spiritual need to create a kind of global, coordinating group, in the realms of spiritual spheres. A number of initiates or half initiates, which settled in spiritual, but still form orientated worlds, so created a kind of overall framework.

The Brotherhood, which then arose, was formed by a number of priests, who were able by telepathically to connect to Summerland worlds (Summerland is a name the Ankh use to describe a spiritual world, were Devine light and love are strongly experienced and expressed in beautiful spiritual worlds). You can imagine the first early roots of a Brotherhood began to emerge.

This second great migration goes basically to North Africa toward Egypt and to the Middle East. The Group splits off in the Middle East. We see a group of initiates and a group of white priests go to the areas of Tibet/India. We see a group, which is splitting off and to the North towards the Caucasus and in the direction of the Gobi desert and White Russia, and develop themselves further there as well. And we see a group splitting off and going into Europe from France to Italy and Greece and slowly moves up North and eventually to England.

Origin of different mystery schools

Around 15,000 BC the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools started to develop. From the Egyptian Mystery Schools, the actual initiatory schools were created, including the Golden Ankh, which later spread to India, China, Vietnam, etcetera. The ancient pyramids that you find there are basically built between 15,000 – 10,000 BC in contrast to many historians of your time thinking. So we are dealing with a wave of consciousness, a civilization, in which mysticism and mystical experience have an important place.