my inner journey

I became familiar with meditation already from a young age. I have been raised in a very open and spiritual family. Instead of going to church every Sunday, I was raised every Sunday by my parents with meditation exercises and techniques. Both my parents already started with meditation from a young age. In addition, my father has a sensitivity to channeling. He was educated in his early twenties by renowned and well-known full-body trance mediums in the Netherlands, to give other energies access to his consciousness. Since he had developed this quality, he got in touch with an old Egyptian esoteric mystery school, the Golden Ankh. In this way, important spiritual lessons, readings and meditation exercises are passed on. 

Because of the spiritual environment, I grew up in, my parents brought me up with meditation. As a teenager, a natural need for meditation started to develop. With meditation I started shifting my attention more inwards and more on the things we can’t perceive with our physical eyes. A whole new world opened for me. When I started with meditation it felt like a curtain has been pushed aside and I could see everything with more clarity; it felt like I was perceiving my life in 4K. My awareness and consciousness were starting to expand. It is like you become aware of your entire being, which is much greater than your physical body.

Together with my first Plant Medicine ceremony, it all felt like an awakening experience. Waking up in the real world. Perceiving beyond the ego. Perceiving beyond the mind and thoughts. It was one of the best moments of my life. I could clearly see why I was here, what I was meant to do and where I originally come from. It was such an encouraging, loving and liberating feeling. Also, it became clear to me that creating a path to enlightenment for myself and others is connected with my soul’s purpose.

meditation pic bijgesneden

Before I started with meditation I was an insecure, dreamy, shy, a more introverted girl. I was mostly hiding in the shadows of others instead of paying attention to oneself. I had no idea what I wanted to do in my life and I had low self-esteem about my own abilities.

But when I introduced meditation into my life, all these layers of insecurity and illusion were slowly dissolving and I gradually made more contact with my true self.  My meditation practice awakened a great inner transformation process, especially the moment I start practicing the exercises and meditation given by the Golden Ankh. I started learning to love again after being broken many times. Clarity, confidence and consciousness arise, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Since then I have been using meditation for a great diversity of things: manifesting my dreams into reality; enhancing my confidence and self-esteem; releasing all the expectations and projected emotions of other people; lessens stress, insecurities and fear; healing and improving my physical and emotional health and much more.

Especially when I started practicing the meditations given by the Ankh on a daily basis, it brought me deepening in my healing process and inner growth. These practices helped me healing on different levels simultaneously and subsequently it encouraged my awakening process.

It is extraordinary, because you become the beholder of how you are changing time and space with your co-creator gifts. It is truly the work of a magician. And that is exactly the difference I feel with the Ankh and others teachings; they let you experience your gifts you received from source, help you stay connected with the field of love, guide and inspire you on your inner path and stimulate your inner freedom to design your life the way you want it to be. No dogma’s, no guru, no institution, no rules, no saintly like behavior, no manmade structures, NO. The guidance of the Ankh is helping you awaken in your highest potential and guide you with the life you want to design. The practices of the Ankh have freed and enriched me. Now I wish to share them and guide others through their inner journey.


Meditation has been Celine’s daily practice, an essential medicine and a great love.

Meditation is such a great practice to integrate in your life. This practice will help you to develop a powerful tool that you can use with:

  • enhancing self-esteem & self-acceptance
  • manifesting your dreams into reality with affirmation and visualization
  • creating harmonic relationships & attracting your soulmate
  • finding your soul’s purpose
  • activating your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities
  • freeing yourself from illusions, obsessions, addictions, diseases, fears, insecurities, pain and other disharmonic patterns
  • healing and improving your physical, emotional and spiritual body
  • Increasing your energy level, mental strength & focus
  • Strengthening the believe in yourself and your inner powers
  • releasing all the things that are holding you back from your radiating true self
  • Connecting and expanding your divine light & by this raising your vibration

Meditation is the best gift you can give yourself.
Because with meditation your inner self is becoming richer and richer. It is the inner practice that will only add more value to your wellbeing.

I offer classes and private consults to teach others people how to meditate. If you are just a beginner or already an experienced practitioner of meditation, I offer guidance and assistance for anyone on their spiritual inner path.