These classes will be a combination of yoga, meditation, sound healing, esoteric teachings and spiritual exercises. Céline will be offering a diversity of spiritual exercises that holds the key to inner freedom and spiritual development; breath work (pranayama) releasing shaking exercises, the use of symbols and other ancient secret exercises and meditations used over thousands of years by different mystery schools.

In her classes Céline will be teaching meditation exercises for any area in life.
It’s for all levels: whether you are a beginner or a more experienced practitioner. Experience is not required.

The classes will include the following:
influences of Yin Yoga, Dru Yoga, Chi-Qong and tantric philosophies.

    • Meditation: a variety of (esoteric) meditation exercises
    • Releasing exercises for any disharmonic patterns or blockages
    • Yoga sequences: influences of Chi-Qong, Dru Yoga and Yin Yoga
    • Sound Healing: use mantra’s with crystal sound healing bowls 
    • Relaxation: Bodyscan & Yoga Nidra 

Primary Aspects

The following aspects will receive attention: finding your life-purpose; how to manifest your dreams; attracting harmonic relationships; strengthening your self-esteem, confidence and self love; release and heal any blockages like, anxiety, thought patterns, obsessions, child patterns & ego patterns; increase your vitality and your energy levels.



Trial class = Free
One class = €15,- 
5 classes = €70 ,- (valid 7 weeks)
11 classes = €143,- (valid 14 weeks)

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