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The Golden Ankh is a mystery school with the aim to help everyone who has a fiery desire to grow spiritually and guide them on their path of inner freedom and enlightenment. For 30 years a community of thousands of people is connected with this mystery school. Lessons, exercises and ancient knowledge are passed on through the trance medium in our midst. To give humanity the keys to inner freedom, awakening and spiritual development. 



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What is a mystery school?

A mystery school is a university for the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of our inner nature and the essence of existence. A mystery school will not make itself known in the world, you will find little or nothing on the internet. It is a training for people who have been connected to a meditation school or any other relatable training for some time.

People who are connected with a mystery school  have an understanding about their own close relationship with the divine, and strive to become one with his inner source through self-discipline and devotion. They are selected because of their fiery desire to grow spiritually, to awaken, to come closer to the truth of their own being and the world. Or because they want to pass it on to others and want to contribute spreading more light, beauty and love into the world. This group of people learn more secret techniques and exercises. 

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the Golden Ankh

The Golden Ankh is a path of initiation that has its origins in ancient Atlantis and Egypt, it has developed into a huge group of entities that are engaged in this initiation path. The Golden Ankh is the mystical branch of the White Brotherhood, which inspires and guides mankind on its inner path. The Golden Ankh has been very active in various moments in humanity. Making use of mediums to pass on old techniques and forgotten knowledge. Where every time requires different techniques and a different approach.

Since the 1970s, the path of initiation of the Golden Ankh has once again become active in humanity when the energy of Aquarius became known. From that time on, more and more mediums are inspired to pass on the knowledge of different ancient Mystery schools. Ancient yoga techniques, forgotten tantra meditations, old Taoist teachings are all part of the knowledge that is passed on and released now because the humanity of today is open and ready to receive and practice this knowledge. 

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Our mission

In these changing times on earth, it is our aim to help everyone in their spiritual growth, development and inner freedom. Through the medium in our midst (my father) we contact teachers and masters of the Golden Ankh. We create and organize in collaboration; public – and private trance readings, meditation classes, healings, ceremonies, courses and personal training. For thirty years we have been organizing channeled readings on various spiritual topics and have guided many people on their inner path already. All this knowledge has been elaborated in texts. And we now have – after thirty years – a very extensive library, where everyday people still get their lessons, training, inspirations from.

We aspire to help people by making knowledge and exercises available to the general public. By practicing these exercises you create your own path of inner development. The guidance and practice of the meditations of the Ankh help you to experience the powers that you possess from the source, help you stay connected with a field of love, guide and inspire you on your inner path. Helping you awaken on your inner path without any dogmas, gurus, institutions, rules or holy behavior. The guidance of the Ankh helps you awaken in your highest potential and stimulates the life that you want to design for yourself.

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