Every being has a divine light that shines from within. Some call this divine light God, others call it an extension of source energy… It doesn’t matter what people call it. Eventually, we all have this eternal part living inside of us, which has the qualities coming from the creative source. 
Everyday life gives us the opportunity to entwine our divine light with all our earthly activities. It is when we take the time to go inwards and connect with this divine light, we move to the treasure that lies already inside of us: true happiness, love, harmony and connection.

Unfortunately, there is a lot that blocks us from that constant divine connection. Which I call disharmonic patterns or obstacles, like; fears, obsessions, thought patterns, conditionings, 
child – and ego patterns. Life is an exciting dance between meeting your disharmonic patterns and transform and heal them in some way in which it will bring you closer to your divine light.

Now there are different paths you can choose to experience enlightenment. Different techniques that help to free yourself from all the disharmonic patterns that are holding you (un)consciously from your radiant divine self. For me it is the teachings and connection I have with the ancient mystery school, the Golden Ankh. I feel their teachings, exercises and guidance has brought me the deepest healing, spiritual growth and inner freedom. Besides, the teachers of the Golden Ankh have given me the most accurate information and knowledge I ever received, about myself and any other subject of my interest.

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The Golden Ankh is a representation of golden light.

Everything is more sparkling in the presence of golden light. Everything becomes more fulfilling, loving, shining, expanse and amplifies. When you connect with the Golden Ankh you will feel the unique qualities that gold brings with it, the combination of yellow and white light; harmony, joy, unconditional love and growth in consciousness. 

As a yoga and meditation teacher I combine modern science from the Western world with the ancient wisdoms from the Eastern world: with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology I bring in the awareness of our thoughts and deep belief patterns and how this affects your life. The use of visualization and the practice of affirmations is also something I implement into my sessions. This I will do in combination with the ancient secret teachings of the Golden Ankh and the yoga, tantra and shamanistic philosophies.

I share the practices of the Golden Ankh to experience spiritual growth, inner freedom and awakening. With this I want to help others awaken to their inner freedom. Help to find out ways in which you can be happy despite others’ behaviors and despite the external circumstances. Cleaning your being from all the illusions that are holding you back from connecting with your inner jewel of happiness. Cause everything you need to be happy is already within you. It is the inner journey we take to awaken to the truth of who we really are, freeing ourselves from illusions and come into alignment with our soul’s purpose.

This inner journey of spiritual growth, awakening, finding inner freedom – is something I aspire to everyday.

My background

Céline became familiar with meditation already from a young age. She has been raised in a very open and spiritual family. Instead of going to church every Sunday, Celine was raised every Sunday by her parents with meditation exercises and techniques. Both her parents already started with meditation from a young age. In addition, her father has a sensitivity to channeling. He was educated in his early twenties by renowned and well-known full-body trance mediums in the Netherlands, to give other energies access to his consciousness. Since he had developed this quality, he got in touch with an old Egyptian esoteric mystery school, the Golden Ankh. He started channeling teachers and masters from this mystery school. In this way, important spiritual lessons, readings, meditation exercises are passed on. In the course of thirty years her family and community have coached many meditation -, yoga – and healing groups with the teachings of the Golden Ankh and inspired thousands of people already with their lessons.

Together with her Bachelor in social psychology, diploma as yoga & meditation instructor, the spiritual atmosphere of her youth and upbringing, and her deep passion for inner growth she sees it as her mission to help others who feel the call to awaken and grow spiritually.